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Medicine In The News (June 11, 2011)

Why the Federal Government Finally Acted on Chemical Safety [Link]
Our chemical safety system is an outdated mess - and for years, the failure of the government to act on formaldehyde was proof positive of that fact.

Brigham Performs Face Transplant On Charla Nash [Link]
Charla Nash, the Connecticut woman mauled by a chimpanzee in February of 2009, received the fourth face transplant performed at Brigham and Women's Hospital in May.

Fund vaccines for poorest children, pleads charity [Link]
BBC News
Save the Children is urging David Cameron and other world leaders to help fund the £2.3 billion cost of immunising the world's poorest children over the next four years.

Baby Chicks, Ducks Source Of Major Salmonella Outbreak [Link]SmartAboutHealth
Washington (SmartAboutHealth) - A new report has found that baby chicks and ducklings from a hatchery are the source of a very dangerous salmonella outbreak that spanned 15 states.

Quitting smoking makes you fat, and now scientists know why [Link]
CBS News
(CBS) As often happens in science, it was an accidental discovery. It solves the mystery of why a lot of people who smoke look so skinny and, more importantly, why many people who quit the habit gain weight.

Talk Back: Statin with diet-and-exercise changes? Who does that? [Link]
Baltimore Sun
Muscle injury, rhabdomyolysis, kidney failure ... Amid all the dire talk in the FDA's recommendation to limit the use of high doses of simvastatin, most commonly known as Zocor, one sentence in ...

Growing Older With HIV [Link]
New York Times
In his June 5 Op-Ed article, “The Death Sentence That Defined My Life,” Mark Trautwein shows us how not dying of AIDS “on schedule” has helped him learn “not to live life on one either.

Bath Salts Banned in New Jersey and Kansas; Other States Likely to Follow Suit [Link]
Hallucinogenic “bath salts,” designer drugs not officially illegal in most places in the US, face impending bans in a number of states, according to the Baltimore Sun and other sources.

Baidu CEO and Bill Gates Take On Smoking [Link]
Wall Street Journal
BEIJING—In the latest sign of philanthropy's spread among China's wealthy, Baidu Inc.'s Robin Li joined Bill Gates Saturday to announce a campaign to combat smoking in China.

Takeda's Actos Drug Suspended in France on Cancer Risk Study [Link]
Takeda Pharmaceutical Co.'s best- selling drug, Actos for diabetes, will be pulled from the French market after a study showed it carried a slightly increased risk of bladder cancer, the country's ...

MyPlate: USDA's New Assault On Obesity [Link]
While we just can't keep ourselves from Supersizing, Jumbo-upping, Hungry Man dining, Whole Hog roasting, and King Size crunching, here comes the USDA with a new tool for our safety.

Blaming Sprouts Again [Link]
New York Times (blog)
European officials have finally identified bean sprouts as the likely culprit in a deadly outbreak of E. coli poisoning, the latest in a series of outbreaks traced back to tainted sprouts.

Table of horrors on show in advice to beat food poisoning [Link]
The Star
EXPERTS are trying to take action to cut back on food poisoning cases in Doncaster after more than 600 cases were recorded last year.

First vaccine against deadly meningitis B will be available 'within months' [Link]
Daily Mail
The first vaccine against meningitis B - the strain of the disease against which there is no protection - could become available here within months.

One portion of fish and chips a week could increase your risk of heart attack ... [Link]
Daily Mail
By Daily Mail Reporter Eating fish and chips just once a week could increase your risk of heart failure by almost 50 per cent, a study has found.

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