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Medicine In The News (June 6, 2011)

ASCO: Exemestane May Change Practice in Breast Ca Prevention [Link]
MedPage Today
CHICAGO -- The aromatase inhibitor exemestane (Aromasin) stands to play a big role in primary prevention of breast cancer, leading specialists said here at the American Society of Clinical Oncology ...

Drugs: Steep Vaccine Price Reductions Could Help in Reaching More Children [Link]
New York Times
Several makers of children's vaccines announced Monday that they would lower prices in the world's poorest countries, a move that could save donors billions of dollars and help bring the vaccines to more children (above, ...

After 30 years, the AIDS war still rages [Link]
Los Angeles Times
In the three decades since its first recognition, AIDS has killed nearly 30 million worldwide, mowing down communities of young gay men and intravenous drug users and making orphans of millions of children.

Gay and bisexual teens may take more risks [Link]
Los Angeles Times
That gay teens are more likely to consider suicide is a well-known and tragic fact. But now research indicates that gay and bisexual teens are also more likely to engage in a wide range of ...

Ovarian Cancer Screen: Risks May Outweigh Benefits [Link]
June 6, 2011 -- Ovarian cancer screening does not reduce disease-related deaths among average-risk women, but it does result in an increase in invasive medical procedures and associated harms.

Flaxseed fails as treatment for hot flashes [Link]
USA Today
The search for a safe remedy for menopausal hot flashes has been foiled again, with flaxseed the latest in a long line of compounds that apparently don't reduce the incidence of the unpleasant symptoms.

High Court Sides With Roche in Patent Fight [Link]
Wall Street Journal
WASHINGTON—The US Supreme Court ruled Monday that Stanford University can't win a patent infringement case against a Roche Holding AG subsidiary because the company held co-ownership interests in the patents, which deal with measuring ...

Colorectal cancer drug Zaltrap may slightly extend survival [Link]
Los Angeles Times
In treating cancer, every bit of knowledge could help. Now researchers have found that adding the experimental drug Zaltrap in a chemotherapy regimen may slightly prolong survival in patients ...

Single-Payer Health Care Systems, Multiple Health Care Disasters [Link]
Forbes (blog)
The Obama Administration's Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently announced that any insurance company that wants to increase premiums more than 10% will have to get approval from the government.

US woman develops European accent after surgery [Link]
The Telegraph
An American woman has developed a European accent after undergoing dental surgery..

Rooney's hair plugs Twitter fans into new world of image management [Link]
The Guardian
A misspelt, blow-by-blow account of a hair transplant operation may not be the most obvious harbinger of a shift in the relationship between modern sports stars, fans and the media.

Andrew Lansley suing French drug firm who 'billed NHS £220m too much' for ... [Link]
Daily Mail
Health Secretary Andrew Lansley is suing a French drugs giant for £220million for overcharging the NHS for blood pressure drugs. He has accused Servier of forcing doctors to pay for expensive versions of the pills when far cheaper ...

Drink 500ml Pomegranate Juice to Reduce Stress at Workplace [Link]
Pomegranate juice lowers heart rate and helps alleviate chronic stress related to work, according to scientists of Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh.

Painkiller advice for children is upgraded and refined [Link]
Child doses of paracetamol are being revised following concerns that youngsters are regularly overdosing on the painkiller, it has been announced.

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