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Medicine In The News (June 9, 2011)

Lancet Study Focuses on Readiness for Influenza Pandemic [Link]
June 9, 2011 - An article reviewing recent developments in vaccine research, and looking ahead to the future, offers some reasons for optimism and some sobering observations.

FDA Restricts Use of High Doses of Cholesterol-Lowering Drug Zocor [Link]
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Wednesday restricted the use of high doses of the cholesterol-lowering drug simvastatin, which is sold in generic forms and under the brand names Zocor and ...

FDA Warns of High-Grade Prostate Ca Risk with BPH Drugs [Link]
MedPage Today
WASHINGTON -- The FDA has issued a warning of an increased risk of high-grade prostate cancer with the 5-alpha reductase inhibitors finasteride (Proscar) and dutasteride (Avodart) currently ...

The 30-Year Fight Against AIDS and for Patient Rights [Link]
Huffington Post
Today the international community is gathered in New York to assess progress in combating AIDS, ten years after the historic United Nations General Assembly Special sessions that led to the creation of the Global Fund.

Pfizer to Suspend Sales Of Poultry Drug [Link]
Pfizer Inc will suspend US sales of a poultry drug a study finding that the drug increased levels of a carcinogen in chickens, according to US health officials.

Thousands of injuries occur in bathroom each year, CDC reports [Link]
Los Angeles Times
Keeping up with hygiene is a good idea, but watch your step. The bathroom is full of ways to hurt yourself - and a new report estimates that nearly a quarter of a million Americans age 15 or ...

You can be fired for using medical marijuana, justices rule [Link]
The Seattle Times
Employers in Washington state are allowed to fire employees who fail a drug test, even if they have valid medical-marijuana authorization, the state Supreme Court ruled Thursday.

Preschool benefits last into adulthood, study says [Link]
Fox News
AP CHICAGO - Preschool has surprisingly enduring benefits lasting well into adulthood, according to one of the biggest, longest follow-up studies of its kind.

Some docs still 'prescribe' tanning, despite risks [Link]
Patients sent to tanning beds for various ailments, including depression or even tooth whitening. How to protect yourself from misinformation Despite the known dangers of UV exposure, thousands of patients are sent to tan by their doctors.

Moderate Exercise Can Reduce Risk for Silent Stroke [Link]
Keeping active may cut the risk for suffering “silent” stroke. Researchers from Columbia University and the University of Miami have found that among a group of elderly people, those who regularly ...

North Haven Allergy-sniffing Dog a Hot Topic [Link]
St. Bernards, like Boo, can be trained to sniff out products that could trigger an allergic reaction in humans. We've all heard of bomb-sniffing dogs, drug-sniffing dogs...but what about allergy-sniffing dogs?

Birth Control Pill For Men In Development [Link]
WLWT Cincinnati
Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center found that mice that were given a pill that mimics Vitamin A deficiency became sterile.

Remembering Andy Irons aright [Link]
The Guardian
The untimely death of world champion Andy Irons raises issues the surfing industry must address. But first, we mourn his loss Hawaiian Andy Irons riding a wave in the Quiksilver Pro in Fiji, 2003; Irons was found dead in a hotel room in Dallas, Texas, ...

The Coming Crash Of The American Health Care System [Link]
Forbes (blog)
The American health care system, as we currently know it, is well into its final days. Don't get too excited, conservatives. It's not Obama's fault.

Report: 15 percent of world population is disabled [Link]
Washington Post
About 15 percent of the world's population - some 785 million people - has a significant physical or mental disability, including about 5 percent of children, according to a new report prepared jointly by the World Health Organization ...

Health Care Survey: Employers May Cut Plans After 2014 [Link]
ABC News
A recent survey suggests some employers will no longer offer health care benefits after the Obama health reforms begin. (Getty Images) Employees can kiss goodbye employer-provided health coverage, at least as it exists today.

Autism shocker: Disorder linked to hundreds of mutant genes [Link]
CBS News
(CBS) Is there a gene for autism? Actually, a pair of new studies show that the debilitating neurodevelopmental disorder can be caused by hundreds of different genes.

Survivors: Cancer fighters gather [Link]
Watauga Democrat
The roughly 350 people who gathered Tuesday night at the annual Relay for Life survivors' dinner may not have been related, but their shared experiences have brought them as close as family.

Stem cells: Coaxing the heart to heal itself [Link]
Los Angeles Times
Scientists at University College London have been able to coax cells in the hearts of adult mice to grow new, beating heart tissue.

Reforms 'cutting legs off NHS', says Laurence Buckman [Link]
The Guardian
The health and social care bill is not even law yet and the current structures of the NHS are "already collapsing all over the place", Dr Laurence Buckman, chairman of the British Medical Association's (BMA) GPs committee, has said.

Life expectancy rises in UK but north-south divide widens [Link]
The Guardian
The Office for National Statistics found life expectancy in the London borough of Kensington & Chelsea had reached 84.4 years for men and 89 for women.

Two sugary drinks a day can dull taste buds, study claims [Link]
The Guardian
Soft drinks on supermarket shelf. Such products can cause dulled sensitivity to sweet tastes, according to a study. Photograph: Reuters Consuming just two sugary drinks a day can dull the taste buds and lead to cravings for high-calorie food, ...

Baby P verdict a victory for social workers [Link]
The High Court's decision to order The Sun newspaper to award damages to a social worker involved in the Baby P case has been hailed a "victory" for social workers.

Call for sacking over Great Ormond Street 'cover-up' of Baby Peter report [Link]
The Guardian
Great Ormond Street hospital has been accused of covering up claims in a report on the case of Peter Connelly, above. Photograph: ITV News/PA A government minister has called on the chief executive of Great Ormond Street hospital to resign for ...

Half of UK population had swine flu during pandemic... and many didn't even REALISE it. [Link]
Daily Mail
Almost half of the population caught swine flu during the pandemic - although many didn't realise it, research shows. Blood taken from 1600 Britons after the 2009/10 H1N1 outbreak revealed that 44 per cent tested positive for the virus.

Call for cigarette age crackdown [Link]
BBC News
Anti-smoking charity Ash Scotland has claimed public backing for a crackdown on under-age tobacco sales. It has published an opinion poll indicating that 87% of people in Scotland believe retailers should lose the right to sell cigarettes if they have ...

Care home residents' rights are under threat from the big society [Link]
The Guardian
The Human Rights Act doesn't allow people to enforce their rights against private companies. This loophole needs closing The government has not ruled out an independent inquiry into the abuse of adults with learning disabilities at the Winterbourne ...

Trusts face fines over late treatment [Link]
Defence Management
Six National Health Service trusts in England face fines if they take longer than 10 weeks to treat service personnel with non-urgent medical conditions, it has been reported.

Three-year cervical screening is effective when HPV test and conventional ... [Link]
Cancer Research UK
Women who receive normal cervical screening results can safely attend screening just once every three years if both the human papillomavirus (HPV) test and conventional cytology test are used, a large new study has confirmed.

Royal Brompton Hospital children's heart surgery fight gains support [Link]
A renowned professor has pleaded for children's heart surgery at Royal Brompton Hospital in west London not to be axed. To send a link to this page to a friend, simply enter their email address below.

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