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Medicine In The News (June 8, 2011)

Appeals court weighs health insurance mandate [Link]
USA Today
ATLANTA - A federal appeals court Wednesday sharply questioned the validity of the government's new requirement that most Americans buy health insurance and whether, if it is struck down, the entire 2010 health care overhaul ...

Pfizer to Stop Sale of Animal Drug [Link]
Wall Street Journal
WASHINGTON—The Food and Drug Administration said Pfizer Inc. will stop the sale of the animal drug 3-Nitro that's used in some chicken feed after an agency analysis detected a "very low" level of inorganic arsenic in the ...

Obama calls for world without HIV/AIDS [Link]
USA Today
President Obama is marking the 30th anniversary of the battle against HIV/AIDS by calling on countries to do more and try to stamp out the disease.

Gene mutations could cause autism in boys, another disorder in girls ... [Link]
Los Angeles Times
Autism spectrum disorders can be caused by as many as 300 or so rare genetic mutations, scientists reported Wednesday. The research strongly implicates genetics, including spontaneous gene mutations, in the development of the disorder.

Drug makes hearts repair themselves [Link]
BBC News
But a study in the journal Nature showed the drug, thymosin beta 4, if used in advance of a heart attack, was able to "prime" the heart for repair.

Barefoot Running Less Impact Risk; So Easy A Caveman Could Do It [Link]
Medical News Today
Almost barefoot running gear is all the rage these days, but is it truly better for you than all the fancy footwear offered on the market?

Research Goes Mobile; Pfizer Leads FDA Approved REMOTE Project [Link]
Medical News Today
Research is going mobile. For the first time in America's history and an innovative advancement in clinical study approach, Pfizer is running the first US clinical study pilot project, approved by the Food and Drug Administration and known by the ...

FDA Recommends Limits On Highest Dose Of Cholesterol Drug Zocor [Link]
Wall Street Journal
(Updates with prescription figures in second paragraph, adds information from FDA and Merck comments starting in the fifth paragraph.

CDC officials call for better Salmonella prevention efforts [Link]
Pediatric SuperSite
Despite a significant reduction in the past 15 years of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli O157, Salmonella infection has not decreased and causes more hospitalizations and deaths than any other foodborne infection.

Pfizer To Work With Boston Hospitals To Speed Research Efforts [Link]
Wall Street Journal
BOSTON (Dow Jones)--Pfizer Inc. (PFE) will spend about $100 million over the next five years on a collaborative effort with several Boston-area medical institutions aimed at more efficiently turning early stage ...

Does coffee make you hear things? [Link]
Salon - Peter Finocchiaro
Scholars at Australia's La Trobe University just released a study showing a correlation between caffeine intake and auditory hallucinations.

Autism diagnoses take South Korea by surprise [Link]
Los Angeles Times
Some families are in denial after US and Korean researchers discover in a Seoul suburb the highest rate of autism ever measured in a general population.

Group Names Best Diet For Weight Loss [Link]
MyFox Philadelphia
With thousands of diets purporting to be the best plan for shedding the pounds, a US media health group on Tuesday announced its picks for the best diets after assembling a panel of experts to assess the benefits of each.

Minority kids spend most of their waking hours plugged in [Link]
USA Today
Minority children spend an average of 13 hours a day using mobile devices, computers, TVs and other media - about 4½ hours more than white kids, says a report out today.

Safety Dooms Novel Staph Vaccine [Link]
MedPage Today
A phase II/III trial of V710, an investigational vaccine for the prevention of Staphylococcus aureus infection, has been stopped for good following a risk-benefit analysis, according to Merck and ...

Heart attack breakthrough 'exciting' [Link]
British scientists Professor Paul Riley and Professor Peter Weissberg have managed to reactivate dormant repair cells in the heart of an adult mouse.

An apple a day keeps flab away [Link]
Times of India
PTI | Jun 9, 2011, 01.30am IST LONDON: An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so goes the old saying. Now, researchers claim to have found out the exact reason - the fruit helps keep one's body toned and slender by boosting muscles and fighting the flab ...

Pioneering asthma treatment begins [Link]
Healthcare Today
Doctors at two UK centres are treating NHS asthma patients with a pioneering new treatment. Specialists at the centres in Manchester and Glasgow are using the treatment which is described as “melting away” muscle in the airways.

Frog Skin Could Help Treat Cancer And Other Diseases [Link]
Medical News Today
Scientists have discovered two proteins secreted from the skin of frogs that could help treat cancer and other diseases by disrupting the growth of blood vessels: one switches the process of "angiogenesis" on, and the other switches it off.

Drug 'Aromasin' prevents breast cancer [Link]
International News Network
ISLAMABAD: In what may be seen as a positive development, it has emerged that the anti-estrogen drug Aromasin reduces the risk of breast cancer recurrence by about one-third in postmenopausal women previously treated with tamoxifen.

Getting smart on child brain tumours [Link]
BBC News
It's a relatively low number that means most GP's might expect to see only one or two cases in their career. Even so, the consequences - both for the individuals and their families - can be devastating, and brain tumour remains the leading cause of ...

Charity welcomes routine HIV test at Manchester hospital [Link]
BBC News
Patients being admitted to Manchester Royal Infirmary are being routinely offered HIV screening as part of a new policy to boost detection rates.

Ignorance about food hygiene is a recipe for disaster [Link]
Research carried out by the Food Standards Agency in Wales revealed the many misconceptions people still hold about preventing food poisoning and illness.

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